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Just by visiting our website, we know you are interested in the health of your children, grandchildren or others in your care. Healthy Families is more than a website. It’s a resource center with important and reliable information that will help you keep your children healthy from womb through preschool. It’s also the home of the Happy Birthday Baby Book: Book One which focuses on prenatal care through age 1 and the Happy Birthday Baby Book: Book Two which focuses on caring for a newborn through age 5.

Healthy Families has added a NEW member to our family of resources. The Arkansas Healthy Children Handbook arms families, child care providers, medical providers, etc. with information so they can make healthy choices for children.

The Happy Birthday Baby Book

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Healthy Families is proud to provide FREE reliable resources for families in Arkansas and western Tennessee to learn about the health, safety and well-being of children from prenatal care to age 5.

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Arkansas Healthy Children Handbook

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Now available online, the Arkansas Healthy Children Handbook serves as a reliable reference for families and educators who promote healthy lifestyles for Arkansas children. The eBook is available for free download and printing.

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You can now view the books online!

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