Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Medical Home

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How to Pick A Medical Home

  • The doctor and nurse believe that you know the most about your child.
  • You are as important as the doctor and nurse when it comes to your child’s health.
  • You respect and trust the doctor, and the doctor respects and trusts you.
  • The doctor respects your culture and beliefs. If you want a certain kind of treatment or care, the doctor agrees if he or she can.
  • Your doctor asks you about what your child needs and works with you and others to meet those needs.

When Should You Go to the Doctor?

If something is wrong with your health or your child’s health, you should see your doctor. Health problems are easier to treat or manage when they are new. You should also see your doctor for checkups. Your doctor should know what problems to check for and what shots or medicines you need to stay healthy.

Chapter 1, Medical Home

What is a medical home?

It may sound like a building, but a medical home isn’t an actual place. It’s a doctor you or your child goes to for checkups or when you get sick. This doctor is called a “primary care physician,” or PCP.

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